More Lunch time Namaste Yoga

I did a bit of yoga before heading to the shower today.  The sequence I chose was the seated twist series.  But we did only one seated twist.  go figure…

  • Down dog
  • Swan lift (pigeon) swan bow, swan lift again
  • Seated twist
  • Half lotus forward bend
  • swan lift
  • plank
  • Down dog

That was it.  I did some spinal rocking side to side during the fast forward of the commercials.

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1 Response to More Lunch time Namaste Yoga

  1. I do my yoga IN the shower. I reach down and try to touch the floor of the tub with my fingertips one time. Feels nice to stretch my back. I can’t imagine doing it twice though. Whew!

    Thanks… I didn’t need that visual. ~R

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