WoYoPracMo 2008, 1st half

Here is where I’ll chronicle my WoYoPracMo.  It’s a challenge that I am ready for (I think).  I’ll be holding each pose for 10 deep breaths (Either Ujjayi or the three part yoga breathing).

Jan 15, 2008:  We are halfway done with WoYoPracMo.  I did not do a morning practice, but I did just finish my practice before my class.  I opened with Sun Salutation.  Next up was Half Moon and Yoga Mudra.  After that I did Moon Salutation (see above).  After all the Eagle talk, I did do Eagle Arms and balancing.  Next I did Up Dog, Down Dog & Plank flow, holding each for 2 breathes (5 cycles) and the last cycle for 5 breathes each pose.  I finished to frog pose.  Practice ended up being 15 minutes long (I wasn’t taking as full of a breath as I probably should have).

Jan 14, 2008:  Today was a McDonald’s Yoga DVD 15 minute practice at 3:00, just before the kids get home, with a long Shivasana at the end.  Tomorrow, I plan on doing better.  Hopefully a morning practice followed by a 12:30 practice before my fitness class.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

Jan 13, 2008:  This was a later in the day practice.  12:50 was the start.  I did Sun Salutations and then the side series, Runner’s Stretch, Triangle, Warrior I & II Goddess and then reverse on the other side.  practice was in between 10-15 minutes.

Jan 12, 2008:  An 8:30 practice with “Wonderpets” on.  warm-ups and Sun Salutations.  I drew cards from my Yoga deck today and this is what I did (all for 10 breathes unless otherwise noted).  Half Moon and Yoga Mudra.  Then I alternated between Downward Dog and Up Dog.  I held each pose for 2 breathes but I only did 3 cycles of each.  I did two rounds og Boat.  The first with hands in front and the second with hands behind my back,  next was Bow for 10 breathes (5 Rounds of holding for 2 breathes).  Next up was Fish and Knee Down Spinal Twist.  I did Dance of the legs (Only 6 cycles though) then Spinal Twist to wrap things up.  Ending time 8:55.

Jan 11, 2008:  Early morning.  I woke up at 4:30, laid in bed until 5:45 and decided to get up and practice Yoga.  Warm-ups and then 2 rounds of Sun Salutations.  The I did a flow similar to the one from the other day.  I started with Runner stretch, then triangle, Warrior I & II and Goddess squat.  After Goddess, I did the reverse on the other side holding all poses for 10 complete breathes.  When all was done it was 6:05 am and time to jump in the shower.

Jan 10, 2008:  Today I did “Nancy Ruby’s Yoga Motion” a 45 minute tape.  With all these mini practices I’ve been doing, I think I am now Yoga ADD.  I only got through 30 minutes of the tape.  I know, I know, only 15 more minutes and it would have been done, but my tummy was talking to me rather loudly.  😀

Jan 9, 2008:  Practice was a little later today.  3:10 is when I started with my warm-ups going into Sun Salutations.  After that, I did a couple down dog to up dog flows.  (It felt really good).  Next I did another flow (holding each pose for 10 breathes).  Started warrior I, then into Warrior II, Goddess squats, Warrior II then Warrior I on the other side.  From there, I went down to runner stretch, front foot back to plank for 3 breathes or so, then to downward dog, back down to plank and then runner stretch on the other side, forward bend and then up.  I finished with half cow.  Ending time was approx 3:30.

Jan 8, 2008:  Today was the same as yesterday.  Since I was fresh from doing it, I was able to modify the practice so I held poses longer and rested less.  It was good and relaxing.

Jan 7, 08:  Today’s practice was the McDonald’s 15 Minute Yoga Dvd.  I selected challenge me and stress relief.  It was good.  We started off with two short rounds of Sun Salutations, then Cat/dog stretches (they called it cat/cow, not sure what the difference is).  Then spinal twisting and a version of pigeon (laying on back) and half knot.  It finished with long shivasana.

Jan 6, 2008:  You’ve guesses it, another morning practice with a child watching TV!  start time 7:05.  After my normal warm-ups, I start with Half Moon and then 2 rounds of Sun Salutations.  After that, I sit in Bound Angel and did three rounds of Kapalabhati.  Then it was time for Spinal Twist and Knee Down Spinal Twist.  Ending time, 7:25.

Jan 5, 2008:  Another morning practice, start time 8:05 and The Wonderpets is on the TV for the kids.  As usual, Sun Salutations after warm-ups.  I pulled some cards for stretching.  I chose Yoga Mudra (it felt great), Half Moon, Bound Angle, Hero, Sphinx/Cobra, and the fish.  Little Man joined my on most of the poses.  I tried to hold them for at least 10 breathes, but that didn’t always happen.  End time, Approx. 8:25.  Also, before practice, I did Mom squats, picking the Cheerios up off the floor LOL! 😀

Jan 4, 2008:  This morning was another early morning practice, start time 6:45.  As usal, I started with some warm-ups of dog/cat and some hip circles from table pose.  In case you haven’t noticed a theme, I did sun salutations, only 1 round this time.  My sister had given me a yoga deck for Christmas a couple of years ago, so I started pulling poses to do.  The first pose pulled, chair.  I hold that for 10 breathes (Three part yoga breathing, I can’t remember/spell the Sanskrit term for it).  Next card, Bent knee sitting forward.  Again, I hold each side for 10 breathes.  The next card I pull is Proud warrior (Warrior 2) so I did a little flow.  I started in Triangle on one side, then I moved into Warrior 2, Goddess squat, Warrior 2 on the other side, then up into Triangle on the other side, holding each pose for only 5 breathes.  (Isn’t that a version of Moon salutations?)  All in all, about 20 minutes.

Jan 3, 2008:  Today I did Yoga this morning.  This time while Baby Girl was watching The Wiggles. Practice was pretty much the same as the 1st.  Two rounds of sun salutations after warming up.  This time though, I did pigeon pose and then leg down knee twist (10 Ujjayi breathes a piece).  To really wake me up, I did the Breath of Joy, minus the hora exhale at the end.  🙂  It ended up being about 20 minutes.

Jan 2, 2008:  Today I used the McDonald’s 15 minute Yoga DVD, I selected the “I’m up for a challenge” and “Balance” option.  Now I remember why I am not all that fond of it.  In 15 minutes, we did a version of Sun salutations (2 times) all three warrior poses, Chair, Dancer pose, Tree and another triangle type pose.  I did many poses, but I didn’t get to hold them for very long.  Tomorrow is Thursday, so I’ll be hopeful to do my own thing first thing in the morning.

Jan 1, 2008:  This morning was an early morning practice.  Little Man woke up early and at 6:30 we went downstairs to watch TV.  At 7:00, I decided to do my practice for today.  I did some dog/cat stretches for warm ups.  First thing was sun salutations.  It felt so good, I did it again.  Next was bound angel, for 6 breathes.  I started to do triangle, but it didn’t feel good, so I only did 3 breathes on each side.  I was going to do Goddess squats, but I opted for some spinal twisting instead.  First knee down on both sides, then sitting.  It felt good first thing in the morning.  BackYardigans was over, and so was my practice.  Ending time: 7:25


10 Responses to WoYoPracMo 2008, 1st half

  1. Jenn says:

    LOL at “mom squats”! Too funny!

    Yup. Mom squats! Picking cereal up off the floor. ~Accountable

  2. shadesofpink says:

    You’re doing a much better job than I am at keeping up with your yoga! Nice work! I’m getting caught up tonight. I signed up for a dance class and aerobics this semester. I’m looking forward to being physically active again. 🙂

    I wish that I could fit in more than 15 or 20 minutes, but that would be a luxury. I’ll take what I can get though. ~Accountable

  3. music says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  4. Angie says:

    Hey girl, love your discipline..you are really setting an example of fitness for your children! Way to go, love the way your site looks, I need a change too. just need the time and the speed 🙂 to do it.
    Missed you..

    I really hope that it carries over. My husband is active and I hope the kids are too. ~Accountable

  5. Lisa says:

    Way to stick to it, girl!

    Thank you!! and Thanks for stopping by. ~Accountable

  6. Jenn says:

    I came across this today and it made me think of you. http://www.abc-of-yoga.com/yogapractice/postures.asp Most of them have animations of how to do the poses. Anyway, thought it was neat and I’d share in case you were interested. 🙂

    That is awesome!! I looked at it and that’s the sun salutations that I do. Thank you!! ~Accountable

  7. yogamum says:

    You’re doing great!!

    Thank you! I think I’ve become Yoga ADD now, with all my 15-25 minute practices. I couldn’t do a 45 minute video earlier this week. ~Accountable

  8. Angie says:

    One goal I have after getting settled etc: is to get out my old yoga video and start the correct stretches again. I try now some from memory but that aint too hot..LOL!
    You are amazing Accountable!

    If you’d like to guest author a post, once you get back in the swing of things, just let me know! ~Accountable

  9. shadesofpink says:

    You’re awesome! I may have to drop out of the yoga race. I totally bombed last week. 😦

    You’ll have to pick it back up then! ~Accountable

  10. Deb says:

    I think it is a great challenge you’ve set for yourself! I’m really horrible about doing yoga without following someone – either a video or in class – because I feel like I have to think so much about what I’ll do next that I don’t do a great job on the current pose. But I’ve been going to yoga a few times a week, and it makes me want to do more. I do have some videos I like, I just have to motivate to do them more often to supplement the classes I’ve been taking!

    Keep up the good work! It is cool to see what others do for a home practice when they’re not using videos. (and even when they are!)

    I find myself getting stuck in a rut though. I’m always doing the same thing. Although with today’s talk of Eagle’s at http://werlivingfree.wordpress.com I might have to do Eagle arms. 😀 ~Accountable

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