Yoga, sort of

My lower back has been bothering me, so I’m stumped as to what feels good.  The spinal twists and forward bends don’t quite reach the spot.  The one thing that I’ve found that works is spinal rolling.  Side to side, not front to back.  Most of my practice tonight, at least 7-8 minutes of it was this spinal rolling and circles with my knees.  When I do this, my back makes some popping noise.  Not so good.  When I go in for my annual violation, I’ll be sure to mention this.

The rest of my practice was spinal twisting (with both knees to the side), a little bit of forward bending and a full shoulder stand.  That’s about it. 

Fitness class was good today, I’m a bit sore tonight, but that also might be from bike riding and hauling the kids around.

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  1. Could I get one of those smoothies? From your page layout design in the corner up there. Those are $5 at TCBY here but they are SO GOOD.

    It does look sooooooo goooood. TCBY is one of the chains that we actually do NOT have here. I wonder why that is… ~R

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