WoYoPracMo 2008, 2nd half

Here is where I’ll chronicle my WoYoPracMo.  It’s a challenge that I am ready for (I think).  I’ll be holding each pose for 10 deep breaths (Either Ujjayi or the three part yoga breathing).

Jan 31, 2008:  It was an early morning 10 minute practice today, starting with Sun Salutations, Tree for 10 breathes, Fish, Knee Down Spinal Twisting and ending up in Bound Angle.  While in Bound Angle, 3 rounds of Kapalabhati breathing.

Jan 30, 2008:  Today was a 10 minute practice, starting with warm-ups of cat/dog & hip circles.  Then only one round of Sun salutations and Moon Salutations (holding each pose for 5 breathes).  I started Moon salutations with plank and ended with Down dog then Child’s pose.  At Goddess squat, I did 3 rounds of Kapalabhati.  I finished practice with Breath of joy.

Jan 29, 2008:  Today was a McDonald’s 15 minute DVD yoga practice.  I opted for Ease me into it and flexibility.  I don’t think I’ve done this one before.  It was pretty good.

Jan 28, 2008:  Just another 10 minute quickie practice.  I did two rounds of Sun Salutations.  I did 3 rounds of Plank, Up dog, Down dog and Child pose holding each for 5 breathes.

Jan 27, 2008:  Today was a 10 minute practice.  I started with supported tree (Tree laying down) and knee down spinal twist.  I decided to do sun salutations, Bound angle and squatting.  That be my micro practice for the day.

Jan 26, 2008:  Another 12 minute or so practice.  Cat & Dog stretches and hip circles.  One round of Sun salutations and then Moon Salutations I held each pose for 8 breathes.  When I did Goddess, I did 3 rounds of Kapalabhati breathing.  I did down dog, up dog, child’s pose and plank (5 breathes a piece) and finished up with Bound angle.

Jan. 25, 2008:  Just a little short practice this morning.  Only 10 minutes.  Sun Salutations, Half Moon, Bound Angle, Eagle Arms (not balancing), and should Stand.  I’m pretty sure than when WoYoPracMo is over, I’ll be taking a lengthy break from yoga.  I’ve noticed that my practices are getting shorter and shorter.  Only 6 days left.

Jan. 24, 2008:  Today was a short practice after I got back from the gym.  Start time 1:47, finish time 2:00.  I did one round of Sun Salutations (my arms really were not in the mood for plank or down dog today).  Next was shoulder stand for 10 breathes and something we called waterwheels in our Mom/Baby Yoga class to work the abs.  I did that 5 rounds in each direction.  Dance of the legs for 5 rounds.  I was going to do a back bend, but my arms didn’t want me to, so I did Fish for 15 breaths.  I finished up with Half cow, 10 breathes on each side.  Short and sweet.

Jan 23, 2008:  This was an early morning practice.  5:35 am.  I did my Warm-ups and Sun Salutations.  Then I decided I wanted to do balancing poses.  First up was Tree, then the one down on hands and knees (where you lift one foot and the opposite hand).  I finished with Fish.  All in all, practice was 15 minutes.

Jan 22, 2008:  Today was about a 20 minute practice, focusing more on taking the full and complete breathes.  2 Rounds of Sun Salutations. followed by Down Dog, plank, up dog child’s pose (first 3 breathes 2nd time through holding for 5 breathes).  Then I did my Moon Salutations (holding each pose for 7 breathes).  starting it with plank and ending in Down Dog.  I rounded out my practice with a little Breathe of Joy to warm me up.  It’s cold here in the basement. My upper back is sore from all the planks and crocodile poses from today!

Jan 21, 2008:  Today was a McDonald’s 15 minute DVD workout day.  I chose I’m up for a challenge and flexibility.  We did all three Warrior poses, Chair, Dancer and Tree to name a few.

Jan 20, 2008:  It was about a 15 minute practice.  Warm-ups and 1 round on Sun Salutations.  After I did my Moon Salutations sequence (holding each pose for 7 breathes) and went right into Plank, Up Dog Down Dog and Child’s for 3 breathes each.  I think I know have a thing for Full Shoulder stand, I did it again today (7 breathes) and the Fish.  Practice over.

Jan 19, 2008:  Today was a 20 minute practice.  Starting with Sun Salutations then Half Moon for 10 breathes.  Next up was Tree for 15 breathes.  It is so funny that I am better balancing on my right foot than my left foot.  While standing on my right, my left foot is solidly on my thigh, nearly half lotus.  Balancing on my left foot, my right foot is on my ankle/calf and I’m still tippy!  Next was Half Should Stand, Sitting Spinal Twisting, and Half Cow.  Felt really good!

Jan 18, 2008:  Last night was a horrid night (Baby Girl, Croup…).  Anyway I was awake early and decided to do my practice.  I ended up doing the McDonald’s 15 minute Yoga just before 6:00.

Jan 17, 2008:  Just  in case the 20 minute Shivasana in bed after my alarm went off this morning doesn’t count, I did a quick 12ish minute practice this afternoon.  Starting with my usual Sun Salutations.  Then I did a Downward Dog, Plank, Up Dog, Child’s pose flow thingie.  First time through I held each pose for 2 breathes.  Second time through 3 breathes, then 4 and 5 breathes.  It felt good.  I did Moon Salutations holding each for 5 poses.  I was getting ready to do Fish pose, but I went up  into a full shoulder stand instead!!  That felt really good.

Jan 16, 2008:  Early Morning practice.  Started about 5:35 with warm-ups and 2 rounds of Sun Salutations.  Next up was Yoga Mudra and Half Cow (with links to help me reach) for 10 breathes a piece.  After that, I did 5 rounds of  Kapalabhati breathing.  Next was spinal twisting and that was it.  done approx. 5:55.  I did focus on taking more complete breathes today.


5 Responses to WoYoPracMo 2008, 2nd half

  1. ladymichelle says:

    Wow, your making me look bad getting up that early for yoga practice especially after waking up with a sick child! My muscles aren’t ready to stretch until at least 1pm. Thanks for dropping my my blog!

    If I would have gone back to sleep, it would have been WAAAAAAAY worse. I would have slept through my alarm and would have been running late in the morning! ~Accountable

  2. HH says:

    Well Miss Accountable, I can only dream of doing yoga. I am afraid to try to even get into the lotus position, I may never get myself out, I am not bendable like gumby anymore. For me when I exercise or think about exercise I have to take Advil just to stop the aches in advance. My hats off to you! My friend takes hot yoga and loves it, apparently you do your yoga in a really hot room so you sweat your guts out.

    I myself like Tai Chi, very relaxing. Kudo’s to you for sticking with it! Cool website by the way!

    Hee hee!! Thanks for stopping by! ~Accountable

  3. Oh how I admire your commitment! Cheering for you from the side lines! I’m still an eliptical woman myself with stretching and weights. Maybe I should try Yoga during meditation and prayers…must multi-task! argh

    I’m not sure what’s going to happen to my practice once WoYo is over. I’d like to say that I’ll continue, but that’s not gonna happen. 😀 Maybe while meditating, you could sit in Bound Angle (maybe you already are and don’t realize it!) I’m planning on alternating Thursday’s cardio (elliptical or treadmill) with circuit machines. We’ll see! ~Accountable

  4. HH says:

    I was watching a thing about mediation and your health. It wasn’t formal mediation per se as in the yogic sense, but there was a study done a correlation to increasing your health just by mediating on your happiness for 30 minutes each day. Apparently this has long reaching effects on your health, because it makes you think of the good things in your life, which increased the endorphins and serotonin in your brain – your happiness hormones if you will. So find a cushy spot in a quiet place and think happy thoughts!

    Maybe one morning in addition to my yoga, I ought to try meditation as well. ~Accountable

  5. Deb says:

    Are we going to get a “looking back” entry to see how you feel at the end of the month compared to the beginning?

    I find these things fascinating. I have such a hard time concentrating on yoga if I don’t have someone to lead me (video or class), which I’m not sure – means either it is a crutch, or I’m still learning! I guess the important thing is to just do it!

    I checked out the ning community, and I see that they have a feb challenge as well, which I’m considering! “deepen your practice” – are you thinking about doing that one, even though you’re expecting to lighten up on the daily yoga?

    My goal for February was a month of Non-Practice. Right now, these last copule days, my practices are just at 10 minutes, maybe a little longer and feel forced. That I’m just going through the motions just to git r done. I’d like to take the month of February off and incorporate yoga in the everyday things. Hopefully by the time March rolls in, I won’t be yoga ADD anymore and I can actually do my 45 or 55 minute video all the way through instead of stopping it half way through. LOL!! ~Accountable

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