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The perfect circuit

I was looking at my Fitness magazine, dated May 2008.  I came across “The Perfect Circuit”  Here’s the routine: What you’ll need:  a pair of 5-8 lb dumbbells. 24 alternating lunges with bicep curls, holding dumbbells in each hand 20 Plie … Continue reading

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Thursday early

This morning, even though sleep was calling loudly, I got my butt out of bed at 5:30 to do some videos.  I did two McDonald’s 15 DVD’s.  Core and strength today. I did no stability ball (I don’t have one) … Continue reading

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An update

My quads & biceps are sore today from yesterday’s workout.  Yesterday was a decent eating day, until dinner.  We went to McD’s and I had my usual.  A double cheeseburger no mustard.  Why aren’t there any salad’s on the dollar menu?  … Continue reading

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Today we did not have class.  After I dropped Baby Girl off at school, I came home and had a decent breakfast (Read: not a donut) and did two of my McDonald’s 15 Minute workout DVD’s.  Cardio & Strength. I … Continue reading

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Need some help…

Okay, I’m not all that creative with names and stuff.  I am wanting to change my blog name and possibly even the url.  Help me think of some new names for me. Thanks.  🙂

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Search term

I don’t get near the fun search terms on this blog as I do on Randomability, but this one came in today and I thought it was pretty funny: breast pump bike ride  Well, I did go on a bike … Continue reading

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I have been slacking the last two weeks.  Other than my Tuesday fitness class, I have done nothing.  no yoga.  No bike riding.  No videos.  I need to get back in the groove again.  Cinturon!  Where are you??  We need to … Continue reading

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new fitness plan & mileage

I ended up riding 15.262 miles.  Most of it on Tuesday plus today’s fitness class.  Today is my last hips/buns/thigh/abs express class.  It isn’t going to be offered Tuesday mornings or afternoon anymore.  😦  At the time that I can do … Continue reading

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The kids are gone, but I haven’t done much in the way of exercising….  I should be, but the Olympics are on and I’ve been watching.  We’ve been switching Little Man’s room.  He is now in a bigger bedroom.  Soon we’ll … Continue reading

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Since we are kidless this week and today is my fitness class day, I decided that I would go for a morning bike ride before class.  I actually got up and out of bed, scanned in some photos, uploaded them … Continue reading

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