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Weekend update!

Thursday, September 24: Final training run for 5K.  I ran 3.5 miles in 43:26.  YAY ME!!! Friday, September 25: We bowled.  🙂  Not Wii bowling, but actual bowling at the alley.  My scores:  105, 124 & 125. Saturday, September 26:  … Continue reading

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Training: resumed

I ended up taking not quite a week off. Sunday September 14th:   I took the kids for a bike ride on the trail to a park .  the ride round trip was 11.53 miles. Thursday, September 17th: I only did … Continue reading

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5K training, sidelined

After my run on Wednesday, my right heel was hurting a little bit.  Not much, but enough.  I had a day of rest Thursday and went back at it Friday.  Friday after my run, it was hurting enough to side … Continue reading

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WiR: September 7

Monday, September 7th: Labor day.  We went to the park and Baby Girl rode her bike on the loop (half a mile).   That evening, the kids rode their bikes and I walked while hubby mowed the lawn.  Total walking mileage:  … Continue reading

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My favorite biking shirt

I got this shirt when I was visiting some friends at the beginning of August.  I’ve finally posted the photo for Deb.

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Rest of the week: Aug 26th

Wednesday, August 26th: I rode up to Meijer to pick up some iron drops & chewable Vitamin C’s for Little Man.  A sever iron deficiency.  That was 3.45 miles. Thursday, August 27th: Wii Fit 10 minute Free run.  I “ran” … Continue reading

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