Today we did not have class.  After I dropped Baby Girl off at school, I came home and had a decent breakfast (Read: not a donut) and did two of my McDonald’s 15 Minute workout DVD’s.  Cardio & Strength.

I am so uncoordinated with cardio.  I can’t seem to manage the kickup and backs and the turn steps.  At least I didn’t use a step.  I did select the ease me into it as well.  That was a good thing!

Strength, i did use the weights and I decided that I was up for a challenge.  And that it was.  Many squats and push-ups too.  Aye Carumba!!

Afterwards, in honor of my hhips/buns/thighs express class, I decided to get out my resistance bands.  I out them just above my knees and did some side stepping.  I started with slow steps.  In each direction I did 8, 4, 2, step touch for a count of 4.  then I moved on to four sets of quick steps in same sequence.  For a cool down, I did the slow sequence one more time. 

I have a feeling, that I’m going to be sore tonight or tomorrow morning.

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