WiR: Aug 2

Sunday, August 2: Did a little bit of Wii fit today.

  • Advanced Step (I did this one twice)  First time:  (Perfect: 236; OK 100; total: 572)  Second Time:  (Perfect: 267; OK: 69; Total 603)
  • Advanced Hoop 10 minutes!  I think I’m crazy for doing that one.  It was my second time round (get it?  hee hee) and results:  Right: 1717;  Left: 1708; Total:  3425.  They go to the right first.  5 minutes each side.
  • Jackknife challenge:  30 reps.  I beat the coach.  Next time I’ll have to do at least 40.
  • Plank challenge:  80 seconds.  I beat the coach too.  Next time I’ll have to go  at least 90 seconds.  Plank on Wii in on the forearms.  I tends to do it on my hands.
  • After dinner we went for a little walk.  We stopped at a friends house and we ended up chatting for about 30 minutes.  The walk was just under a mile.

Monday, August 3: Just over an 8 mile bike ride.  🙂  felt good.  Click over at DailyMile to check it out.

Tuesday, August 4: The only workout today was they dry heaving at 2:00 in the morning…

I was feeling better in the evening, so I did a little bit of Wii Fit.  I did free step for 10 minutes (988 steps) and Advanced step twice.  First time:  (P: 194; ok: 140; miss: 2; Total 528) second time: (P: 238; ok:  100; miss: 1; Total: 570).  Not my best, but that’s understandable.  I did use my platform step underneath the balance board for a bit of extra height.  It also took me several minutes to figure out the volume on the Wii remote so I could watch the Cubs game during free step.

Wednesday, August 5: While Hubby was playing softball at the park, I alternatley jogged and walked 4 half mile laps.  Total time was 26 minutes 33 seconds.  Jogging portion:  10:22;  walking: 16:11.  Not bad jogging considering!  Oh.  I  brought my iPod and ear buds, but I forgot to check that the earbuds jack fit.  They were too small so I didn’t have any music.  😦  Lesson learned.

Thursday, August 6: Wii Fit.  Advanced Step with the extra platform.  I think I’m still getting used to the extra height as I’m not doing so well.  Only  a score of 530 which didn’t even register.  😦  I went down to basic step (which seems so slow and got a score of 213.

Friday, August 7: Lots of walking.  We are on route to O’Hare.  We’ll be walking around O’Hare and Minneapolis airport.  I’ll have to update when we get back from our trip.  I’ll plan on wearing a pedometer.  🙂

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