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Good grief

its been well over a year since my last post. What have I been up to?  Good question!!! In November, I inherited a Fitbit when hubs upgraded.  I keep track of those steps on dailymile.  I ran a 5K 3/7. … Continue reading

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So it’s been about a month and a half since “The Plan”.  How’s it going, you ask?  It’s not. I started off well enough.  Planking, bridges, 100’s a few times a day through May 24.  Then I just kind of … Continue reading

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2010 in review

Per dailymile, my total miles in 2010 (walking, running & cycling) is 384.66. walking:  47.76 cycling:  152.09 running:  179.63 canoeing 1.41 miscellaneous miles (don’t know what) 3.77 monthly miles total breakdown: walk (w)/Cycle (c)/Running (r) : Jan: 33; w=1; c=11; … Continue reading

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slacking… again

Okay.  Here’s an update post of sorts.  Since my last race, I have biked, ran and walked.  I will also be signing up for two more 5K races, which are both races that I ran last year.  So nice to … Continue reading

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Weeks in Review: 2/20-3/5

Not so much going on just a few runs. 2/25/2010: I hadn’t intended to run this week.  with appointments and lunch and stuff, but I did have pink eye, so I couldn’t go to the eye doctor for my regular … Continue reading

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Weeks in Review: Jan 30-Feb 7

Jan. 30th: treadmill run.  Ran for an hour and managed to get in 5.11 miles  and a bruised toenail.  I think all in all I slowed down to walk only a half mile for water breaks. Feb. 1: I used … Continue reading

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Week in review: Jan. 15 – Jan. 18

Jan 15: I did some Wii Fit.  21 minutes bank time. Advance Step.  Perfect: 317;  Ok: 19;  Total: 653.  (Not sure if I’ll ever beat this!) Basic Hoop:  293 Boxing 6 minutes Super Hula Hoop.  Left:  420;  Right: 368 (I … Continue reading

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