half training week 4

Week four training for the “I don’t have a job and I’m training for a half for the helluvit and to keep me busy but there’s none on the schedule half” was pretty uneventful.  It was all on the treadmill.  I’ve been able to maintain a 2/1 run/walk ratio.

Monday (W4D1):  3.5 miles, 44:26.  Didn’t watch anything.  Kids had an inclement weather day as did hubby.

Wednesday (W4D2):  3.5 miles, 44:05.  Watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond.  It’s surprisingly good to run to!  I found an app to help keep my intervals on 2/1 without having to look at the clock all the time.  It’s called “Simple Interval Timer” or “SIT”.  It runs in the background (important).  I do have one earbud in my right ear so I can hear it and the NIKE+ app.

Friday (W4D3): 5 miles, 1:05:41.  Watched Spaceballs.  I love that movie!  Just a little technical difficulty getting everything set up.  There was a bit when I was trying to get SIT going, so my arm wasn’t swinging to calculate mileage.  oh well..  I’ve learned.  I’ve got it all sorted out.

Monday (W5D1): 4 miles, 49:17 (actual mileage ended up being 4.28).  I was able to run this one outside.  This made me VERY happy!!  I turned off the repeat timer alert on the Garmin, just set it up for 45 seconds and not to repeat, so I can set SIT up, it has a 10 second lead time, but starts on activity).  I tend to warmup walk for 1 minute, then start the SIT.  It worked very well.  everything synced for the most part.  I did have Nike+ run on treadmill mode and it read as 4.06 miles as oppose to the 4.28 miles the Garmin shows.  I know it’s not perfect, but it really does make a difference on the old treadmill I use.

If the forecast holds true, I’ll be doing the next two runs on the treadmill.

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