half training update, week 5

Another week of half training is in the books.  I’m getting more coordinated getting apps started and such.  Nike+ first, then SIT.  I’ve been watching movies while running, followed by a post-run yoga cool down.  it works well.

Week 5, day 1 (1/13):  4 mile run, outside, 49:17.  I think I summed it up on my last post.

W5D2, (1/15): 4 mile run, treadmill, 47:43.  I watched The Gods Must be Crazy, borrowed from the library.  Able to keep a 2/1 ratio the whole run.

W5D3, (1/17): 6 mile run, treadmill, 1:11:50.  I watched The Gods Must be Crazy II.  Love those movies.  Longest run yet and it felt GREAT!!

All this week, average pace was just under 12 minute miles.  I’m so happy!!

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