For a while, I had a subscription to Women’s Health Magazine.  Mostly because my kids were selling for school and they needed one more.  In the process, I’d tear out things that interested me such as general articles or fitness routines and such and then put them in a folder with no organization at all.

Last night, I actually organized them put them in a binder with dividers.  The labels I used: Articles, Yoga, Abs, Lower Body, Circuits, Running.  In the very front, I have my half marathon training program and the 30 days of planking schedule.  The two things I’m doing at the moment.  I hope that I’ll actually have time to put into practice some of those ideas.

Also, as it is January, it’s time for World Yoga Practice Month (#WoYoPracMo on Twitter or WoYoPracMo group on Facebook).  Look us up and join in!

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