Weeks in Review: Jan 30-Feb 7

Jan. 30th: treadmill run.  Ran for an hour and managed to get in 5.11 miles  and a bruised toenail.  I think all in all I slowed down to walk only a half mile for water breaks.

Feb. 1: I used the rest of my gift card from Dicks and bought a Nike+ and a running hood thing.  They worked great!!  With Nike+, I managed to run a total of 2.75 miles and it breaks down as follows:

  • 0.85 calibration run (which failed because I was being not smart)
  • 0.50 re-calibration run
  • 1.40 mile run after the fact.  that was in 17.02 minutes for a 12.02 mile pace

Feb. 3: I had some blood work drawn in the morning, so i couldn’t run.  I did manage to walk on the treadmill for 4 miles in an hour.  It was kind of hard to NOT run.

Feb. 4: I did get another outside run in with my Nike+ and hood.  I was trying to find my Stride Rate with this easy Stride rate finder and I think it’s between 150 & 155.  I did run 2.13 miles in 26 minutes.

If we do get all the snow that they say we are to get, I’ll not be running so much, but probably pretend riding instead.  I have fallen of the crunch/fire hydrant wagon for now.

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