slacking… again

Okay.  Here’s an update post of sorts.  Since my last race, I have biked, ran and walked.  I will also be signing up for two more 5K races, which are both races that I ran last year.  So nice to be able to say that!

July mileage, 43 miles total, break down:

  • walking:  6
  • running:  12
  • cycling: 25

August mileage, 79 miles total, breakdown:

  • walking:  6
  • running: 16
  • cycling: 55

Most of the cycling mileage comes from one long bike ride.  It was a 34.76 mile bike ride out to a lake.  I did this with two Twitter friends.  It was a really good, but very hard ride.  Thankfully, I was without kids.  I also did this with mountain bike tires!  The ride was very hilly and it was a warm day.

Also in there was just over a mile of canoeing!  Fun stuff.  🙂

The two 5K’s that I will sign up for is the Women’s fitness 5K in Urbana & The Jingle Bell Run in Normal.  I’m so excited to start running 5K’s again and the weather not being horribly hot.  I’m hoping to have a sub 30 minute 5K, so I’ve better start training again!  Running at least twice a week.

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