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What’s been up?

It’s been over a month since my last update. Work was still crazy with PPP. The week of February 7th, I managed to finish the Crush your core series via the Peloton app as well as elliptical for 20 or … Continue reading

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slacking… again

Okay.  Here’s an update post of sorts.  Since my last race, I have biked, ran and walked.  I will also be signing up for two more 5K races, which are both races that I ran last year.  So nice to … Continue reading

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Training: resumed

I ended up taking not quite a week off. Sunday September 14th:   I took the kids for a bike ride on the trail to a park .  the ride round trip was 11.53 miles. Thursday, September 17th: I only did … Continue reading

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a looooong bike ride

It’s been a while.  today after lunch, I put on the helmets hitched up the trailer and went on a long bike ride.  Total mileage was 13ish miles.  Most of that with kids in tow.  We have a bike trail … Continue reading

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15 Minutes of fitness (9)

Today I skipped out of Pilates class and I opted to go get a flu shot instead.  I think that I shouldn’t have registered for that class, I miss it all the time.  😦 Today was pretty sunny, so I … Continue reading

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a bike update

Mileage 15.154. I was able to take Baby girl to school three times last week on the bicycle (Mon, Wed & Fri).  She asked on Monday.  Wednesday I had a dentist appointment in the morning and we pass the dentist … Continue reading

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The bicycle is getting a bit dusty and I’m getting a bit rusty on fitness.  It’s been raining this past weekend.  I’ve ridden only 7.149 miles and that was Sept 5th when I rode up to the elementary school and … Continue reading

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Mileage and class & other

I rode 13.158 miles.  I was able to ride Baby Girl to school on the 25th of August.  Hubby stayed home to take Little Man to the bus stop.  Most of this mileage is riding to different parks and a … Continue reading

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new fitness plan & mileage

I ended up riding 15.262 miles.  Most of it on Tuesday plus today’s fitness class.  Today is my last hips/buns/thigh/abs express class.  It isn’t going to be offered Tuesday mornings or afternoon anymore.  😦  At the time that I can do … Continue reading

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Since we are kidless this week and today is my fitness class day, I decided that I would go for a morning bike ride before class.  I actually got up and out of bed, scanned in some photos, uploaded them … Continue reading

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