Jingle Bell Run!

The Jingle Bell run was yesterday (11/15). It was drizzly and chilly. I could have done without the drizzles.

My friend and I started out near the middle front of the pack.  My unofficial time was 36:02.  My chip time was 36:01.7.  I shave about 30 seconds off of my first 5K time.

  • out of 861 individual runners, I placed 716
  • out of 468 individual women, I placed 357
  • out of 69 women ages 30-34, I placed 62
  • out of 7 runners with my first name, I placed 5th

at mile posts 1 & 2, someone was out calling out splits.  My 1 mile time was 11 something.  As I was crossing over the creek, I happened to look across to my left, The Trail was the return back to the starting point and just past the 2 mile mark.  I saw people already PAST the 2 mile mark!!  My 2 mile time was 22 something, so I was doing as well as I wanted to.  I did have a few moments of walking, but all in all, I was happy.

I’m glad that I didn’t have my sweatshirt on.  I ended up taking off my gloves, ear thingy’s and my santa hat between mile 1 & 2.   I did bring a change of clothes to drive home in, but I ended up only changeing my shirt.  I was going to change my pants, but decided not to because my underpants would still have been wet…

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3 Responses to Jingle Bell Run!

  1. Sounds miserable but you did great! Congrats!

  2. Darla says:

    Congratulations on finishing!!!!!!

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