another day, another run

Today, I finally got out to run again.  With my friend, D.  I should have gone out Thursday, but I didn’t.

We went for a 2.5 mile run/walk.  We failed to drink enough water beforehand, so we cramped up and ended up walking quite a bit.  It was only 2.5 miles, and our time was 33:30 (3 minutes shy of my 5K time).   ~sigh~  Live and learn.

Afterward, I ate lunch and went out for a short walk around the neighborhood with Baby Girl.  Even though she’s 4, she’ll always be my baby girl…  That was about 0.65 miles.  She was alternating walking and galloping.  I was alternating walking and jogging to catch up with her.  It was good.  When we got back home, we did 6 block laps.  Each lap is 0.17 miles for a total of 1.02 miles.  Little Man came with us.  The kids ran in one direction, then ran in the other direction.  We did that again and then walked twice.  So Baby Girl walked, galloped & ran 1.67 miles and Little Man ran/walked 1.02 miles and my total mileage is 4.17 miles.

I’m going to get out for a run on Tuesday and I think I’m going to bring my running shoes so I might get in a short run or two over the holiday’s.  I’m also hoping to get out and run at least once or twice a week, as long as the weather holds out.

Oh.  One of my Twitter/Dailymile friend’s found this article, about proper running form.

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