update and miscellaneous ramblings

I’ve had a few runs and such.

3/6/2010: After the 5K, I was walking while Baby Girl rode her bike. We went 0.85 miles around the neighborhood.  🙂

3/10/2010: The Wednesday between the two 5K’s I went out for a run. 4.5 miles on Constitution Trail, 52 minutes.

3/17/2010: St. Patrick’s day! I did the same 4.5 mile run, just a minute slower this time. I did have to stop to double knot my shoes and pause for a red light. I think that’s why I was a minute slower this time around. Otherwise, with this route, I’ve become pretty consistent time-wise.

3/19/2010: Was a nice day. i didn’t want to run, so I opted for a shorter 2.12 mile route. I ran in shorts! LOL!! That was nice.

The week of 3/22-3/26 was Spring Break, so Little Man was home with me. No running this week. 3/27/2010 was the weekend. we mulched in the morning and then the kids and I went to the parks. We walked to two different parks for total mileage of 1.22 miles.  🙂

3/28/2010: Sunday. It was rainy in the morning, but cleared out nicely, so I went for a long run. 10K! My longest run to date. My poor little bruised toes are aching. I have a blisterish sort of thing on my right foot on the instep.

3/29/2010:  A ride on the stationary bike this morning.  3 miles in 16 minutes.  Not my best, but I really had to drag myself out of bed so I wouldn’t fall back asleep and sleep through my alarm.

I’m going to have to get new shoes so I can continue running pain free.  I only have 141 miles on these shoes, but it’s time.  On the calender I have two more 5K’s. the first is 4/11/2010 (the first in the 35-39 age bracket) and the 2nd 4/24/2010.   One more reason to get shoes sooner rather than later.

I’m meeting new folks in my town, through Dailymile.  One couple lives in my neighborhood! I’m so excited!!  I’m hoping that we can get together sometime for a walk or jog.  🙂

I’m also ready to get the bicycle out and ready for riding this spring & summer.

I’m also wondering if I can suspend my membership with Cardinal Fitness, and pick it back up without having to pay resigning fees.

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