CCHS 5K 4/11/2009

Yesterday was a 5K day.  The race was close enough that we walked there.  🙂

The day started out overcast, which would have been perfect, but alas, the sun started shining and it turned warm/hot by 1:00.  Started out in the middle of the pack.  It was a nice, flat course which looped around the park.  I did run the first mile without stopping (I usually do) and did run to the water stop.  Then I walked while I drank my water (not quite the halfway mark, but the way the course was, it looped back and we ran by it again at the two mile mark) continued running and then walked again at the water spot (but not nearly as long as the first walk).  I think  I had one more spot of slight walking near the end, but it wasn’t for very long.  🙂

My final time was 34:48.2.  Finished 240 of 295 over all and 8 of 17 in my age group (F 35-39).  My first race in that age group.

Not my best race (which was 2 minutes faster) but not my worst either.

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