Andrea: Weekly Report report details
Total run: 4.6 miles (I voluntarily ran, without being chased, nearly FIVE MILES! WOOT!)
Total time: 1 hour 15 minutes.
Calories burned: 1352 HELL YEAH!

I am not going to weigh myself weekly.  I have been the type to get bogged down by the number on the scale, so I’m going to ride the wave of how I feel and how my clothes fit.

As for my goals, my daily one of taking charge of my choices has been slow.  I’ve been better about my portions.  I’ve opted for more veggies than fried starchy foods.  I passed by the cookies and chocolate.  Mostly.  Well, I gave in a smidge.  It’s the holiday season.  I don’t want total deprivation anyway, so I have to get used to learning to balance.

Weekly goal: run/exercise every day.  The beginning of the week was harder.  But I ran everyday starting on Wednesday Thursday and I did some situps/pushups/leg lifts on the weekend.  Another issue I’ve suffered in the past has been huge motivation at first only to burn out after a couple weeks.  This time, I’m trying to ramp up to everyday.  I’m not getting down on myself for skipping a daily workout as long as I’m doing more working out than not.  I’ll get to daily when the hubbub of the holidays dies down. I don’t have the extra errands to run then either.

Monthly: lose >10 lbs in 1st month. Well, I have a bet with my sister to be 30 pounds down by March 17th (three months from the day we bet) so it’s longer term and after this week of craziness I’m buckling down and getting this done.

But I’ve started.  I’m doing it.  I ran almost five miles.  I burned more than 1300 calories.  I’m doing this.

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1 Response to Andrea: Weekly Report

  1. RainyDaisy says:

    WOOTWOOT. This is totally the hardest time of year to NOT be eating chocolate. I’m pretty sure you are beyond human.

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