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Fitness class

Today was the last :15 fitness class.  Next week it is at 9:15, so my schedule will alter a bit.  Today was stormy, but it wasn’t raining when I left for class.  I ended up not riding my bike.  I … Continue reading

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Fitness class

We had our regularly scheduled instructor today and my legs were shaking by the end of class.  Today was rainy, so I didn’t bike to class today.  We sign up for the next seission next week, and we’ll do it on-line. … Continue reading

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Yoga and class

I managed to be off the computer long enough last to get in 15 minutes of Yoga (McDonald’s Yoga DVD), but not long enough to do it twice.  This morning I was awake, so I did it again.  Both times … Continue reading

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April 29th

I went to class today.  I rode my bike and it was good.  The ride home didn’t kill me.  We had a substitute instructor in class today so we did different exercises today.  I’d be surprised if my abs and legs weren’t … Continue reading

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First class of 2008

Today is Tuesday.  Tuesday’s I have my fitness class, Hips/Buns/Thighs/Abs Express.  It was GREAT!!  It was a very full class so I’m glad that I rgistered for it.  Before class, I did a 15 minute Yoga routine for warming-up, fulfilling … Continue reading

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My second class…

Was just as good as my class last week.  The regular instructor was there today.  We used the resistance band to really work our thighs hips and butt.  Afterwards we did 15 minutes of abs.  I’m sure I’ll be feeling … Continue reading

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The aftermath…

… from yesterday’s workout.  My thighs are killing me, my butt is a little sore and my abs aren’t too bad.  It was good, though.  I took an actual class with an actual instructor with actual people.  I’m going to … Continue reading

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