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Uhhhh… Wow. It’s been a while

Since I’ve updated myself!  Let’s see, I’ve taken some time off running so my poor little toes can heal as well as the blister thingy on my foot.  That is healing quite nicely now.  I have been riding my bike … Continue reading

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Mileage and other

Mileage was 13.221 miles.  Most of it was LAST Tuesday.  Drop the kids off, to the bank, Meijer’s and the gym.  and Monday when I dropped the kids of at school.  Last week was foggy and rainy, so i wasn’t … Continue reading

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Fitness class

Today was the last :15 fitness class.  Next week it is at 9:15, so my schedule will alter a bit.  Today was stormy, but it wasn’t raining when I left for class.  I ended up not riding my bike.  I … Continue reading

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Da Elliptical

Today I went to the gym.  I managed to go 30 minutes on the elliptical traveling 2.25 miles.  Most of that forwards.  The last 8 minutes, I went backwards, that’s what the thing wanted me to do.  Next week, I’ll … Continue reading

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Da Gym!

I went to the gym again.  I tried Da Elliptical.  I think I have a new favorite machine!!  If I would have been more up on it and realized how the machine started without staring at it for too long, … Continue reading

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