Half Training W7D2

Half marathon is TWO weeks away.

Our local run club does ABC Runs – Adventures Benefiting Children. It’s a free run/walk but donations are welcome. I joined this month as it fit my run schedule; however the longest suggested route was 7 miles, all North-South. I needed to find 3 more.

Breakfast was peanut butter toast and then off I went. I was 15 minutes late. Oops. Ate my salted caramel stinger waffle before heading north on the trail.

Water and Powerade were set out 3 miles in. I grabbed a red one and carried it, carrying on to the north. I did leave it on a bench for the last quarter mile or so before turning around. I hate running carrying anything. I did stop and snapped my picture.

Just before mile 4, I walked and ate (what is it that you do with GU?) and made another huge mess. I think I need to start carrying an individual handi-wipe or two. At mile 4.5, I left the Powerade and GU packet at my turn and headed East. Mile 6 was great. The mile and a half back west, notsomuch. It was into the wind and rolling hills. 🤨 I may or may not have had some extra walking time.

Mile 7.5 I picked up my things again, throw away the GU packaging (garbage can was across the street) and back at it. Dropped the Powerade bottle off one more time just before mile 9 and finished strong. Afterward, I did drive back to pick it up and finish it.

I should have worn gloves. When will I learn? It was a decent run otherwise.

Next week, do I up mileage to 11 😂😂 a week before the half marathon or do I go 10 again?

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Half Training W7D1

All sugared up from treats at work: the very best iced cinnamon rolls & pecans rolls in the morning from a local bakery, and Door County Cherry Pie from the best pie place ever. Over lunch I did stop for some honey stinger waffles just for a tryout. I did have the honey one before my run, it seemed really sweet too.

I kept with the 3/1 interval. Started at 5.7 and increased it to 6.2 by the end. I don’t get mile 3 & 4 paces, it’s confusing me. Run felt okay and I earned the Garmin treadmill 10K badge.

I’m looking forward to my 10 miler Saturday.

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Half Training W6D2

I’m glad I headed out as early as I did..  winds are gusting 30 mph now.  😳😳 it’d have been mostly in my face on the way back too.

This was a straight out and back on our local rails to trails.  I figured out the hydration vest, but I wasn’t prepared for all the sloshing noise. Lol. It’s a good thing I don’t listen to music on my runs…

I did bring a Gatorade to leave for the back. I left it on the memorial bench for our late Msr. Greg at about the 2.5ish mile mark.  I brought two PowerBar PowerGels with me (strawberry-banana & vanilla).  Both were tasty, no tummy issues, but very messy.  I had to use some of my water to rinse off my sticky fingers.  Took them during a walk break at 3 something and 6 something. 

The run out was fine, turned around at 4.5.  From 4.5 to mile 6, elevation was a little lower, so it provided a little buffer from the wind.  

Mile 7 was brutal.  Just finished the hell hill and that’s when the wind really hit.  Mostly in my face, and the back is slightly uphill too.  Ugggggggggghhhhhh…. At mile 6 something is when I’d had my other gel, which coincided with the Gatorade.  I did walk an extra 3 minutes when I should have been running, but I needed the walk for fueling.  I’m so glad I listened to my body.  Miles 8 and 9 felt strong again.

I’m looking forward to next week’s double digit run.

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Half Training W6D1

Treadmill run, and the first 4 minutes were not timed 🤦🏻‍♀️

Felt okay, but tired.  I was aiming for 4 miles, that’s about all I had in me.  If I put more thought into it, I’d have run 4.7 for my birthday on 4/7.  Oops.

Work’s been exhausting and it’s only Wednesday.  It should settle down somewhat these last two day.  Long run of 8-9 on the books for Sunday and I’m looking forward to it.

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Half Training W5D2

Goal mileage is between 7-8 miles. 

Lunch was a strawberry banana smoothie (made with Vanilla Ensure) & peanut butter toast.

I was planning on trying my hydration pack.  We’ll just chalk it up to user error.  Water all over the place filling the bladder – I didn’t have the hose on🤦🏻‍♀️.  Water all over the place trying to get it in the pack – hose pulled off.  Got it in, and on.  I tried to drink from it before heading out.  Glad I did…. Couldn’t figure it out.  So I used the trusty run belt with two 8oz water bottles. 

I grabbed the orange GU & the vanilla bean GU to give them a go.  About 3.3 miles in (during a walk interval) I grabbed one (orange) and ate? it.  No tummy issues the rest of the run.  Since I was running on our trail, there were lots of garbage cans so I could throw that away.

Sometime during mile 6, my daughter called, so I had extra walking there, also a slow down to possibly fill the water bottle, however water fountains are not on. 😞  During mile 7, I had a lengthy stop for a red light.  So another slower to me mile.  Rest of the run was uneventful. I get back to my house and about 0.2 before 8 miles so what the hell..  finished up 8 miles today. 

I feel decent right now, though I’ll need to roll out my calves, I feel them tightening up already.

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Half Training W5D1

After dinner, on the treadmill, watching Ozark.  It’s still raining.  Felt good. Can’t wait to do my longer run (7-8 miles) this weekend.

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Half Training W4D2

Another 10K run.  Just a little chilly & breezy, but it was sunny.  The only thing I wish I had that I didn’t, were gloves. 

Again, fairly consistent splits.  I ran most of the last half to three quarters of a mile without walking and with one of the volunteers I knew.  I did keep with my intervals.

I placed second in my age group, four ran the 10K in my AG, but I’ll take it. 😄

Official chip time 1:03:45.

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Half Training W4D1

Garmin read 3.76, but it asked to calibrate, so I did.  Kept with my 3/1 intervals.  Felt pretty good for running on the treadmill.

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Half Training W3D2

Half training is going alright.  Ran this one with hubs. He had planned on running 4 miles max, but stuck with me for the entire 10K.  I’m pretty happy with the consistent splits!

Sunday run fueled once again by Taco Bell.

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Half Training W3D1

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I had a stitch in my side from the get-go, but subsided after the first mile.

Not sure why mile 3 was almost a full 30 seconds slower than the other miles. It was up hill, but the wind was at my back 🤷🏻‍♀️

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