Good grief

its been well over a year since my last post. What have I been up to?  Good question!!!

In November, I inherited a Fitbit when hubs upgraded.  I keep track of those steps on dailymile. 

I ran a 5K 3/7.  My time was 36:22.  It’s a race I’ve done before, so I somewhat knew the coarse. 

I’ve ran a 10K March 29.  Run for Hope.  My time was 1:15:22.  Not pretty, but no real training for it.  The weather was dreary, misty, cold. For the most part, I kept a run walk ratio of 1:30/1 for the entire 10K.  

I ran 5Khaos 8/22.  My time was 1:04:10.  It is a 5K run with 18 or 19 obstacles, including mud, gorges, stream, and hills. So much fun!

This month I’m doing a squat challenge and throwing in crunches while I’m at it.

This is what I’m using. I’ve kept up with it.  I’m also doing this with an aunt & cousin, so it’s keeping me on task.  

That’s about it.  In still here.  Plugging away.  Hopefully I’ll get a bit of time to update my run page with more detail. 

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So it’s been about a month and a half since “The Plan”.  How’s it going, you ask?  It’s not.

I started off well enough.  Planking, bridges, 100’s a few times a day through May 24.  Then I just kind of stopped.  No bonus fitness.  At all.  It took about a week to get any sort of moving around done.

workoutThere you have it.  I have been moving around.  Here’s some of the social fitness sites I belong on:

  • Dailymile
  • Garmin Connect
  • Runkeeper
  • Endomondo
  • Nexercise
  • Nike+

Yeah..  I’d say I have a problem!  anyway..  I HAVE been active, whether it’s yard work, walking, cycling, rollerskating, housework.  🙂  It all counts!

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after further thought…

I think my plan might be a bit ambitious.  I’m modifying it a bit already.  Planking, bridge, and hundreds will stay.  Fitness app/misc. will be bonus.

Bike riding/elliptical/walking/running/roller skating will be modified to 30 minutes total.  Walking will be two 15 minute chunks.  Elliptical/stationary bike riding/skating will probably be 30 minutes in one chunk.  Running & outside bike riding will be 30 minutes minimum.

Here we go!


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got a plan

I hope anyway. Here’s what I’ve got figured out.  This I can do daily.

  • Plank.  full.  I can’t do the elbow planks.  Maybe later, out full planks on my hands.  I will get over the 90 second hump.
  • Bridge.  Either as reps or as long as I can.  Maybe both.
  • Pilates Hundreds.  Once a day.
  • Bike riding/elliptical/walking/running/roller skating.  One of them.  I need to do one of them daily, 30 minutes minimum.  Walking the kids to the bus stop doesn’t count.  Once I start working outside the house, this might be adjusted.
  • Fitness app/misc.  I know that’s kind of generic, but it’s what I’ve got.

These are the fitness apps/Fitness misc I have, that I don’t really use right now.

  • Ab workouts
  • All-in Yoga
  • Bootcamp
  • Core MDWorkout
  • Hot Body Yoga
  • Stimulus (another yoga app)
  • Workouts Lite
  • Yoga by MDWorkout
  • Yoga for Runners
  • Yoga Trainer
  • YogaWorkoutPro
  • WiiFit
  • Yoga Pose Deck
  • Pilates deck

I’m committing to one or two exercises daily.  If I get REALLY motivated, I’ll do a real workout twice a week.  A real workout will be 15 minutes or more.  I’ve got plenty of DVD’s to use.

There.  I’ve said it.  Come May 1st, I’ll be ready and to go.  I need to get in the habit to workout before getting ready for work.  I’ll need to once I start working again.


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when the going gets tough…

… the tough get going, right?  Well, not this girl.  When the going gets tough, this girl quits.

I started the 90 day plank challenge.  I made it through about day 14.  That’s when planking increased to 90 seconds.  I stopped.  What I SHOULD have done, was stick with 90 seconds until I could go the whole 90 seconds.  But I quit.

I’ve been training for a half marathon.  I should have been done by now.  I’ve gone through 9 weeks.  I haven’t ran for 2 full weeks.  I have no half on the schedule, so I’ve stopped.  I’m hoping to run again on Wednesday, 5 miles, and hopefully for the 9 mile run on Friday.  Ever since the halfway point, I am taking weeks to complete the week. For the most part, I seem to have quit, and so close to the goal too.

I need to make changes.  I have no excuse to get up when hubby gets up for work.  I’m lazy.  There I admitted it.  I hate leaving the cocoon of warmth.  I’m lazy and would rather check Facebook than get up and exercise.  I need to STOP!

My friend DTK created a spreadsheet and shared it with me.  I need to modify it to fit my needs and USE it.  We’ll be virtual workout buddies.  When I get that worked out, I’ll share here.  My plan.  I’ll get it worked up and fresh start May 1st.

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alrighty then..

It seems that marathon training has kind of hit another snag.  I just can’t get past the long Friday run.  I know I can do it.  It’s just the actual doing of it.  I had planned on running 8 miles this morning.  I just can’t get my butt in gear.  I’ve done week 8, day 1 twice now.  Once on the treadmill, once outside.

Today is a gorgeous day, but I’m not out running.  Why, you might ask?  I’ll be going on a tandem bike ride later.  One of the running club members has a tandem bike.  Every year, he gets a challenge.  This year, it’s 100 total miles with 10 different people.  So right now, I seem to be hanging up the running shoes for cycling.  15 miles already down, 85 more to go.

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Week 7 hump

I’m finally over the week 7 hump.  It only took me three weeks to finish it.

1st attempt:  Monday, 1/27.  Ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill

no running the next week.

2nd attempt: Monday 2/10.  Ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill.  Wed. 2/12 ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill.  I planned on running 2/14, but just didn’t.  In-laws were here, we were heading out of town for the weekend.

3rd attempt:  Wed 2/19.  I ran 4.5 miles OUTSIDE!!  If I thought I could have, I’d have ran 7 miles.  I didn’t, mostly because I hadn’t ran for a week.  My feet were soaked from the slush, but it was otherwise good to finally run outside.  Fri 2/21.  I ran 7 miles OUTSIDE!  I really debated this one.  The sun was shining, but it was windy.  24-35 mph windy.  I still did it.  Some of the times while I was heading into the wind, I was actually walking when I should have been running.  The wind was that gusty.  I couldn’t run.  I could barely walk.

Off I go to start week 8.  Hopefully it won’t take 3 weeks.  The sun is shining, but it’s pretty darn cold, so off on the treadmill I go.


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I’ve hit a snag

In my half marathon training.  I haven’t run for over a week.  I suppose I can blame the weather or the kids being home.  I’d be sort of right.  The kids are doing a skating unit at school for 10 days, so I’m out there helping in the afternoon.

I was called in for a typing test for an at home typist position I applied for.  Went in at 10, when I’d normally run.  That afternoon I was at the school for skating.  I got called back for an interview Friday morning at the same place.  Same time.  Back to the school that afternoon.  I called for an oil change for my van Monday morning and got in at 10:00.  Then back to the school Monday afternoon.

I know I could have ran on other days, but Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s really work the best.  But I haven’t been totally inactive.  For the most part, I do roller skate with the classes.  I’m not really sure how much, but enough, I suppose.  Today, I even got in an arm/shoulder workout, thanks to helping with the shoveling.  I get back on the mill Thursday for my W7D2 run.  It’s supposed to be 4.5, but I may cut that back to just a 5K and run regularly on Friday, which calls for 7.  That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it.

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half training update, week 5

Another week of half training is in the books.  I’m getting more coordinated getting apps started and such.  Nike+ first, then SIT.  I’ve been watching movies while running, followed by a post-run yoga cool down.  it works well.

Week 5, day 1 (1/13):  4 mile run, outside, 49:17.  I think I summed it up on my last post.

W5D2, (1/15): 4 mile run, treadmill, 47:43.  I watched The Gods Must be Crazy, borrowed from the library.  Able to keep a 2/1 ratio the whole run.

W5D3, (1/17): 6 mile run, treadmill, 1:11:50.  I watched The Gods Must be Crazy II.  Love those movies.  Longest run yet and it felt GREAT!!

All this week, average pace was just under 12 minute miles.  I’m so happy!!

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half training week 4

Week four training for the “I don’t have a job and I’m training for a half for the helluvit and to keep me busy but there’s none on the schedule half” was pretty uneventful.  It was all on the treadmill.  I’ve been able to maintain a 2/1 run/walk ratio.

Monday (W4D1):  3.5 miles, 44:26.  Didn’t watch anything.  Kids had an inclement weather day as did hubby.

Wednesday (W4D2):  3.5 miles, 44:05.  Watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond.  It’s surprisingly good to run to!  I found an app to help keep my intervals on 2/1 without having to look at the clock all the time.  It’s called “Simple Interval Timer” or “SIT”.  It runs in the background (important).  I do have one earbud in my right ear so I can hear it and the NIKE+ app.

Friday (W4D3): 5 miles, 1:05:41.  Watched Spaceballs.  I love that movie!  Just a little technical difficulty getting everything set up.  There was a bit when I was trying to get SIT going, so my arm wasn’t swinging to calculate mileage.  oh well..  I’ve learned.  I’ve got it all sorted out.

Monday (W5D1): 4 miles, 49:17 (actual mileage ended up being 4.28).  I was able to run this one outside.  This made me VERY happy!!  I turned off the repeat timer alert on the Garmin, just set it up for 45 seconds and not to repeat, so I can set SIT up, it has a 10 second lead time, but starts on activity).  I tend to warmup walk for 1 minute, then start the SIT.  It worked very well.  everything synced for the most part.  I did have Nike+ run on treadmill mode and it read as 4.06 miles as oppose to the 4.28 miles the Garmin shows.  I know it’s not perfect, but it really does make a difference on the old treadmill I use.

If the forecast holds true, I’ll be doing the next two runs on the treadmill.

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