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Pilates video, part 2

Yes, I did everything right.  My abs are a little sore this morning.  I still might pair it up with something else, though.  Some Yoga perhaps. 

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Week 9, Video day

This is my video day of the week.  Today I used a new video Pilates for Dummies.  It was a really good video.  About 20 minutes in all of actual pilates.  It was good.  We’ll see how my abs feel … Continue reading

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They came today!

I purchased/won a couple of items on ebay.  2 VHS casettes 15-Minute workouts for Dummies and Pilates Workout for Dummies.  and 15 Minute Pliates Box.  They BOTH came today!!  The Pilates for Dummies is 40 minutes long, which is fine.  … Continue reading

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