Half Training W7D2

Half marathon is TWO weeks away.

Our local run club does ABC Runs – Adventures Benefiting Children. It’s a free run/walk but donations are welcome. I joined this month as it fit my run schedule; however the longest suggested route was 7 miles, all North-South. I needed to find 3 more.

Breakfast was peanut butter toast and then off I went. I was 15 minutes late. Oops. Ate my salted caramel stinger waffle before heading north on the trail.

Water and Powerade were set out 3 miles in. I grabbed a red one and carried it, carrying on to the north. I did leave it on a bench for the last quarter mile or so before turning around. I hate running carrying anything. I did stop and snapped my picture.

Just before mile 4, I walked and ate (what is it that you do with GU?) and made another huge mess. I think I need to start carrying an individual handi-wipe or two. At mile 4.5, I left the Powerade and GU packet at my turn and headed East. Mile 6 was great. The mile and a half back west, notsomuch. It was into the wind and rolling hills. 🤨 I may or may not have had some extra walking time.

Mile 7.5 I picked up my things again, throw away the GU packaging (garbage can was across the street) and back at it. Dropped the Powerade bottle off one more time just before mile 9 and finished strong. Afterward, I did drive back to pick it up and finish it.

I should have worn gloves. When will I learn? It was a decent run otherwise.

Next week, do I up mileage to 11 😂😂 a week before the half marathon or do I go 10 again?

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