Half Training W5D2

Goal mileage is between 7-8 miles. 

Lunch was a strawberry banana smoothie (made with Vanilla Ensure) & peanut butter toast.

I was planning on trying my hydration pack.  We’ll just chalk it up to user error.  Water all over the place filling the bladder – I didn’t have the hose on🤦🏻‍♀️.  Water all over the place trying to get it in the pack – hose pulled off.  Got it in, and on.  I tried to drink from it before heading out.  Glad I did…. Couldn’t figure it out.  So I used the trusty run belt with two 8oz water bottles. 

I grabbed the orange GU & the vanilla bean GU to give them a go.  About 3.3 miles in (during a walk interval) I grabbed one (orange) and ate? it.  No tummy issues the rest of the run.  Since I was running on our trail, there were lots of garbage cans so I could throw that away.

Sometime during mile 6, my daughter called, so I had extra walking there, also a slow down to possibly fill the water bottle, however water fountains are not on. 😞  During mile 7, I had a lengthy stop for a red light.  So another slower to me mile.  Rest of the run was uneventful. I get back to my house and about 0.2 before 8 miles so what the hell..  finished up 8 miles today. 

I feel decent right now, though I’ll need to roll out my calves, I feel them tightening up already.

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