What’s been up?

It’s been over a month since my last update. Work was still crazy with PPP.

The week of February 7th, I managed to finish the Crush your core series via the Peloton app as well as elliptical for 20 or 30 minutes.

The week of February 14th, was a very low activity week. I did yoga and walked on the treadmill on Monday (Presidents’ Day). Otherwise, I didn’t do anything. Sinus infection before going on vacation. I did test negative for COVID three days in a row.

We left for vacation 2/19 – Maui. We did so much walking, 23.83 miles Garmin’ed and many more not. The night of 2/26 we left Maui for Phoenix. We got in early morning, and promptly walked 1.62 miles.

We did so much hiking in Phoenix:

  • Gateway Loop trail – 4.5 miles on 2/28
  • Apache Wash Loop – 6.62 miles on 3/1
  • Hiking at the Grand Canyon – 9.66 miles on 3/2 & 2.82 miles on 3/3
  • Cone Mountain Loop – 3.77 miles on 3/4 & 2 miles around where we were staying
  • Walking a last 3.17 before heading home.

We finished the week with a 5K run Sunday after lunch. The week of 3/8 was a week of not doing anything in the morning. Nothing planned. Just walking over lunch, short walks around the block during the work day, and a short walk after work.

I’ll be going back to work at the office starting 3/22, so I need to start planning my mornings again to get my butt out of bed.

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