Week four

Four weeks and still going. I’ve found that I don’t really care for the Peloton app strength and cardio workouts, but I do like the yoga workouts. Though not enough to keep it after the two month trial.

1/11/2021 Monday Cardio. Peloton app: 30 mi it’s HIIT cardio with Andy Speer, original date of 11/24/2020. I followed that up with 10 minute Yoga with Denis Morton, original date of 2/12/2019. We were able to walk 1.53 miles outside over lunch. I rounded out 10,000 steps with 25 minutes on the elliptical.

1/12/2021 Tuesday Strength. I used two different Peloton strength workouts: 20 minute Resistance Bands: full body with Andy Speer, 9/9/2020 and 10 minute RB: upper body with Andy Speer, 11/21/2020. I had planned on running on the treadmill over lunch, but it was bright and sun shiny so I sent a message to a friend and we ran outside. We ended up running our I Run 4 Peppermint Mochas Virtual 5K, 3.38 miles.

1/13/2021 Wednesday Cardio. I had initially picked a 30 HIIT workout, but I ended up not following it. I picked a different 10 min HIIT cardio with Adrian Williams then did a live 20 minute yoga focus flow with Chelsea Jackson Roberts. We made it outside to walk over lunch, the 1.65 mile route. I finished up the night with 30 minutes on the elliptical.

1/14/2021 Thursday Strength. Again, I used two different Peloton strength workouts, 20 minute RB: full body with Chase Tucker, 9/28/2020 & 10 minute RB: Glutes & Legs with Chase Tucker, also 9/28/2020. I managed 10 minutes on the elliptical before dinner and walking in circles on the floor to get my steps up. 14 day steps streak!

1/15/2021 Friday Yoga. I used the Peloton app: 30 minute Yoga Flow with Anna Greenberg, 12/02/2020. Lunch time 1.16 mile walk. I had a post work treadmill walk of 1.03, trying to calibrate the Garmin. Couldn’t quite figure it out. I did not hit my 10,000 step goal. Streak broken.

1/16/2021 Saturday. Yoga after lunch with my daughter, 15 minute Fit Family Flow: kids with Kristin McGee from 12/21/2020 plus 5 minutes of legs up the wall. After yoga, I walked 2 miles on the treadmill, still not figuring out how to calibrate indoor walking. Started a new streak with 10 minutes on the elliptical.

1/17/2021 Sunday. This morning we went for a chilly 2 mile walk. After lunch, I did my yoga, 20 minute yoga flow: twists with Kristin McGee, 12/21/2020. The twists felt good.

Next week, I’m going back to the Farrell’s YouTube’s next week, as well as starting the Crush Your Core four week series.


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