Week one in review

This first week, post Farrell’s, is in the books. I managed to get myself out of bed every morning, M-Th for a workout. We traveled Thursday afternoon and Friday was Christmas.

12/21 Monday Cardio. I was still a member of the FXB group, so I did that kickboxing workout, minus the actual kickboxing. I also ran on the treadmill 2.52 miles during my lunch.

12/22 Tuesday Strength. Still a member of the FXB group, so I did that video workout. I discovered the bands I have are too long. I’ll need to get other bands and/or make them shorter. I picked up,my perfect attendance shirt. Sometime during the day, I was booted from the group. 🙁

12/23 Wednesday Cardio. I used Farrell’s corporate YouTube: Kickboxing HIIT with Jessica – home workout 1. It was super fast and she did some different moves. Before heading into work, I had gone to Meijer to pick up a workout planner and two new SPRI bands, green & red.

12/24 Thursday Strength. Again, Farrell’s Corp YouTube: Lower Body Strength training with Todd – home workout 2. I used my SPRI bands and it worked well.

12/25 Friday. Just a short walk Christmas Day, 1.57 chilly, windy miles.

12/26 Saturday. A little bit longer walk, 2.1 chilly, not as windy miles.

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