I’m back!

Hey all, whomever may still be here. I’m back.

Saturday, December 19, 2020 I finished a 10 week fitness program at Farrell’s eXteme Bodyshaping. Six days a week, Monday through Saturday. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday was fitness kickboxing, with wraps, gloves, and a kickboxing bag. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday was for resistance bands, alternating between upper and lower body. It was intense.

We took measurements at the beginning, after 5 weeks, and the end. I wasn’t as great with the nutrition part the second half, but the workouts were still intense. Because of Covid-19, we had to start working out in masks starting week 6 day 5. The strength days weren’t a big issue. The kickboxing days were a little more challenging. I ended up wearing a breath right strip under my mask. Finding the right mask was also a challenge.

I made it to all of the classes, 7am M-F, and usually 7:30 Saturday. The first two weeks were bands technique classes at 9:30. The third Saturday was a kickboxing technique at 9:30, but I had gone to a bands class at 8:30.

My goal is to keep up working out, cardio two days, strength two days, yoga two days. I have the tools I need: bands, mats, a fire stick on the TV in the basement so I can cast it from my iPad or watch YouTube on the big screen. I’ve got a 2021 planner to map out my day and this blog to keep me accountable

Wish me luck and stay tuned.

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