when the going gets tough…

… the tough get going, right?  Well, not this girl.  When the going gets tough, this girl quits.

I started the 90 day plank challenge.  I made it through about day 14.  That’s when planking increased to 90 seconds.  I stopped.  What I SHOULD have done, was stick with 90 seconds until I could go the whole 90 seconds.  But I quit.

I’ve been training for a half marathon.  I should have been done by now.  I’ve gone through 9 weeks.  I haven’t ran for 2 full weeks.  I have no half on the schedule, so I’ve stopped.  I’m hoping to run again on Wednesday, 5 miles, and hopefully for the 9 mile run on Friday.  Ever since the halfway point, I am taking weeks to complete the week. For the most part, I seem to have quit, and so close to the goal too.

I need to make changes.  I have no excuse to get up when hubby gets up for work.  I’m lazy.  There I admitted it.  I hate leaving the cocoon of warmth.  I’m lazy and would rather check Facebook than get up and exercise.  I need to STOP!

My friend DTK created a spreadsheet and shared it with me.  I need to modify it to fit my needs and USE it.  We’ll be virtual workout buddies.  When I get that worked out, I’ll share here.  My plan.  I’ll get it worked up and fresh start May 1st.

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