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Four Tips To Stay Healthy When You Travel

When you travel, it is easy to throw your workout routine by the wayside.  If you are traveling for pleasure, you might site the fact that you are trying to relax as a reason to skip exercise.  If your travel is business related, you might think you are too busy to work out.  The truth is, with a little planning, you can easily fit health and exercise into your trip.

1.  Research Your Hotel’s Fitness Options

Most hotels now offer some kind of fitness area.  Before you leave for your trip, be sure to do some research on your hotel.  Check to see if your hotel offers a workout room, a pool, or any other fitness amenity.  Many nice resorts even offer fitness options such as yoga, pilates, and spinning.  On a recent trip I used a site called Gogobot in order to do some research regarding the fitness amenities in the hotels within San Francisco. I scoured through that list and narrowed down my choices from there. This was invaluable for the overall experience of my trip.

2.  Stay Healthy While Traveling

It can be difficult to eat healthily while traveling.  One reason is that you will more than likely be eating in restaurants rather than cooking meals yourself.  Be sure to research any restaurants you may go to in order to make healthy choices.  Knowing ahead of time can help you fight temptation to eat unhealthy food.

Be sure to pack some healthy snacks to keep in your hotel room.  The snack machine can be tempting, but you can fight that temptation if you have your own snacks.  Also, remember to pack bottled water.  It can be easy to forget about hydrating.  Most every diet plan requires a certain amount of water intake, so don’t forget about this important detail.

3.  Fitness And Travel Trends

So many people are making sure to keep up with their fitness routines while they travel.  One great way is to put on your running shoes and take a run.  You can do a search for running trails that may be nearby, or just run around popular areas in the city.  Not only do you get a great workout, but you also can get acquainted with the people and the area.

4.  Travel And Stress

Traveling can often cause stress.  Whether you are nervous about flying or if you have an important meeting you are worried about, you can help alleviate that stress by doing some type of exercise.  Exercise releases hormones that cause you to feel relaxed.  If you are feeling stress, why not take a quick run on the treadmill?  It may help alleviate any feelings of nervousness you might have.

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  1. Great tips and definitely useful for many people. I hope to travel a lot more than I have in my life, I will have to remember these to not get too lazy while I’m away. Awesome read 🙂

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