When I started running a few years ago, I went to the local running store to be fitted for running shoes.  Now, I normally wear 6 1/2 wides.  I was given 8 1/2 Wide to wear because you gotta give your foot room to expand when you run…  Whatever.  Okay.  Fine.

That winter, I had joined a gym mostly to keep running up on the treadmill.  On my one longer run, 5+ miles, my 2nd to littlest toenail (on both feet) bruised.  I went back to the same store and they upped my size to a NINE!  from a 6 1/2 to a NINE!  talk about running in clown shoes!  My feet slid around in them while walking.  I only wore the 9’s while running and my “old” 8 1/2 for everything else.

Then I went straight to barefoot last year.  With Raynaud’s, I knew I couldn’t run totally barefoot when the temp is less than 45, so off I went to the running store after doing a little research online.  I knew the toe box was a little wider than typical running shoes. so I wasn’t exactly sure what size I’d need.  The shoe guy asked me what size I’m currently wearing and tossed me a pair of the same size.  Ummmm…  no thanks.

I went to Dick’s and the girl there was VERY helpful and confirmed what I already felt I knew.  I WAS running in clown shoes and my toenails bruised because my shoes were too big and not too small.

soon I’ll go somewhere, NOT the local store, to get something minimalist to wear when it’s cold and snowy so my toes don’t fall off.  Until then, I guess I treadmill.

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  1. I got a pair of nike free 3’s that I like, and it helped avoid some pains, and I’ve had a pair of new balance 101 ‘race shoes’ which are the same, super flexible and less cushion than the nike’s but also a shorter heel, those helped with the first pains I had. I’m not a career minimalist but with more and more pains especially in longer distances I think I need to do things different. Including more strength training and possibly wearing my minimalist shoes forcing me to run closer to barefoot.

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