St. Patrick’s day 5K

I’m just a little late in posting this.  The St. Patrick’s day 5K was actually 3/11/2012.

I’ve always liked that race.  It’s flat.  This year, I ran it barefoot.  This year, I nearly PR’ed it.  The roads were less than ideal, but since I had not trained in my invisible shoes, I didn’t want to run a 5K in them.  I had to find a leather punch and punch a new toe hole.  Then I had to find a good tying method.  I think I found it, but that’s another post.

Anyway, The race was good.  I ran it barefoot.  The road was chip sealed, I think.  My feet hurt for the next two days and I got a HUGE blood blister on my big toe on my left foot.  That was it.  It was VERY good and very fun!  I met up with a few people I knew before and after the race.  I think next year I’ll run in my huaraches.

I’ve signed up for another 5K.  I need to scout the route to see if I can do this one barefoot with no problems or if I need to run in the huaraches,which I’ll be ready for!

So here’s my official times:

  • Gun time:  33:23.9
  • Chip time: 32:56.2 (PR on this course is 32:45 chip time/32:14 Garmin time)

I came in 505 out of 657 and 33rd in my age group out of 62.


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