So it’s been almost three months since my last post…  Sorry.

I’ve been busy.  Not so much running, but walking, cycling and the occasional roller skating.  Now that it’s summer and we don’t have to worry about catching a bus, I’m able to bike the girl to school and pick her up as well.  The bike ride round trip is just under 3  miles.  It’s a good ride.

As a family, we all participated in the State Farm Live Well Be Well activities.  Hubby ran the 5K while I stayed with the kids.  All things considered, he did great!  It wasn’t nearly as hot as it was last year.  He finished in 27:01.9.

The boy (who turned 8 on race day) and I ran the 1 mile together.  We did have to stop and walk for a moment and the water stop was unmanned so we had to get our own water!  He finished slightly faster than I:  11:01.6 & 11:19.4.  The fastest (an 11 year old) did the mile in 6 minutes!!

The girl did the fun run, which wasn’t timed at all.  She didn’t want me to run with her, so I waited at the finish line for her.  I did capture her finish on video to send to the grandparents.  She did great!!

I guess that’s it for now. Ta!

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