I am…

officially a Runnerd.

I have my Garmin 305 which I LOVE!!  It tells me how fast (or slow) I’m going and when I upload it, it tells me where I’ve been.  I can do intervals (either by time or distance or both) which I’m just figuring out.  I love it for biking.  It goes on my handlebars.

Now I never run without my phone.  It’s a safety thing for me.  I have downloaded the Runkeeper app.  It comes in handy when I forget my Garmin or decide to go for a walk and I always have it with me.  I strap my phone on my arm and it’s with me.  It also maps via GPS where I’ve been and it sends to Runkeeper automatically when it’s done.

My newest GPS tracking for my phone is Kinetic Lite.  I had my first run with it.  It interfaces with dailymile, so I don’t have to plug it in when I’m done.  I just enter my notes and send it.

So…  I always know where I’ve been with those three tools.  I am a runnerd.

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