2010 in review

Per dailymile, my total miles in 2010 (walking, running & cycling) is 384.66.

  • walking:  47.76
  • cycling:  152.09
  • running:  179.63
  • canoeing 1.41
  • miscellaneous miles (don’t know what) 3.77

monthly miles total breakdown: walk (w)/Cycle (c)/Running (r) :

  • Jan: 33; w=1; c=11; r=22
  • Feb: 32; w=4; c=8; r=20
  • March: 32; w=2; c=3; r=27
  • April: 23; w=5; c=3; r=16
  • May: 51; w=8; c=31; r=9
  • June: 41; w=8; c=5; r=28
  • July: 43; w=6; c=25; r=12
  • Aug: 79; w=6; c=55; r=16
  • Sept: 15; w=1; c=0; r=14
  • Oct: 23; w=6; c=12; r=5
  • Nov: 10; w=0; c=0; r=10
  • Dec: 1; w=0; c=0; r=1

I ran NINE 5K’s in 2010!! All in all it was a good year, though I did have some very lazy weeks.  Oh well.  I broke up with Cardinal fitness earlier as I was not using it.  Though with the Jingle Bell run, we did get two coupons for a free week there.  Maybe when I’m feeling more motivated, I’ll take them up on that, even though I HATE the dreadmill.


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2 Responses to 2010 in review

  1. Very nice! “Some day” I will have your motivation and I will get in shape.

  2. Jen says:

    A good year for you! Well done.

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