Jingle Bell run, 2nd year

It’s so nice to be able to write a race report for a race that I’ve ran twice!

This year, it was held in a new place. This year, I also raced on a team!  Packet pick up was the day before (as always) and I was deemed co-captain.  I knew everyone on the team, except one person.  I met up with the captain to pick up our team stuff and met the person I hadn’t met yet.

Race started at 1:00, roads closed at 12:30, so we had to be there early-ish.  I get there and when I’m pulling in my parking spot, I realize: OH SHIT!!  I left my bib and chip timer at home.  It was too late to go back for it.  This wasn’t even my first race!! Crimany.  So I go to the walk-in and get a new bib and chip timer.  My ORIGINAL number was 500.  I’m now number 1466.  😦  and I didn’t get credit for my team.

Anyway, the race was good.  The first mile was mostly downhill.  The route took us clock-wise through the inside of the Corn Crib (a baseball field) and then counter clock-wise around the outside of the ball field.  The water stop was on the far side of the field.  I think at this point, my walking and been minimal.  The third mile, well, that was something else.  It was mostly uphill and into the wind.  Ugggggggghhhhh…  This is where I did most of my walking.  I’m sure if I had my Garmin on me and not in my car, this is the mile that would be my slowest.

All in all, it was good.  My official time was 34:49.1 (not my best, not my worst) and came in 973 out of 1280.  I thought the totals were well over 2000, but maybe not all of them opted to be timed.  Of my age group, I was 62 out of 100.

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  1. jimmy says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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