Dog Days 5K

Twice I’ve started this post and twice I’ve abandoned it!  Sorry I haven’t posted a race update to Dog Days 5K.  It was July 10th at 6:00 pm.

It was a great race pretty course and hilly.  It was a true out and back course, so we passed by every. single. runner.  We ran out, ran around an orange cone and ran back.  It was a live course, so we had to be careful of cars.  I did walk the water stops.  I saw at least one barefoot runner.  I saw many friends too.  🙂

Here’s the mile break downs:

  • Mile 1:  mostly down hill.  I ran this in 9:56!  YAY ME!!!!!
  • Mile 2: this was both uphill and downhill.  The turnaround was here, so I don’t see how the elevation gain/loss isn’t equal.  This mile time:  11:22
  • Mile 3:  mostly uphill.  I think this is where I did most of my little bit of walking.  mile time:  10:48

After the race and before awards were handed out, the race coordinator did apologize for the race being short.  According to Garmin, the race was 3.03 miles instead of 3.1.  The orange cone wasn’t far enough away.  Oh well.  I’ll still take it.  My Garmin time:  32:23; Official time:  32:26.

So close to my personal best, even though the course was just short.

After I finished. Second time through.

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2 Responses to Dog Days 5K

  1. Keath says:

    Nice job! I’m always curious as to how a race director can know the course is short (sometimes exactly HOW short) and not take steps to correct it pre-race. If the course is a loop and they’re restricted by the city or whatever on where people can run, that’s one thing. But an out-and-back seems like a no-brainer for accuracy. Not worth complaining about I guess – just weird.

  2. I think he “had an idea” where the turn around was, but placed it just short. It probably wasn’t discovered until after the race maybe because f the pace cyclist?

    Who knows what happened.

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