Park to Park 5 Miler

Ok.  Here’s my race recap of the Park 2 Park 5 Miler.

The race started kicked off with the National Anthem.  and then off we went!  I was near the back of the pack.  It was hot and starting to get a bit humidish.  😦  The water/Gatorade stops were at every mile marker YAY!

The first mile was a loop through Miller Park and then out through town.  My first mile time:  10:43.  VERY Happy with that time.  (Water at the water stop)

The 2nd mile included a hill over railroad tracks.  I did manage to run up that thing without walking!  YAY ME!!  There was another woman who was running up the same time that I was, so we did it together.  I did pull ahead of her at one point in the race, then she pulled ahead of me later.  Second mile:  10:55 (Gatorade at that stop)

I think I ran at least the next half mile with no stopping, but then I started walking.  :/  Maybe I should have taken water.  instead.  Nothing remarkable about the course, maybe smallish hills.  Third mile:  12:09 (water at the water stop.  drank some and dumped some on my head)

the 4th mile was pretty hard.  I think most of my walking was in this mile and my time shows it.  There was one underpass, but it wasn’t too bad.   4th mile:  12:53.  UGH!!!

The last mile was more running than not.  I caught up with the other woman again near the end and I was able to run it out.  This last mile was my much better than the previous mile.  12:34.

Since I started the Garmin before I actually hit the start line, there was an extra 0.05 mile to run (0:25)

Total Garmin time:  59:42.  Official Chip time 60:01.5 (I started near the back of the pack!)  529 out of 576.  I think I did stay to cheer for the last of the runner’s, giving them high five’s and telling them great job for finishing.  I know that’s what keeps me going near the end, the high five’s and the cheers.  In my age group 29 of 34.

I finished.  That was my goal.  I figured that I would finish at right around an hour, even with walking.  Now, I’ve just got to figure out how to deny myself of walking and keep running the whole dang thing.

Next up?  5K Saturday the 10th.

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3 Responses to Park to Park 5 Miler

  1. It sounds like you’re doing great, E! 🙂 I feel envious.

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