Ya think…

I’d be better about updating here.  But no.  Life gets in the way.  Since my June 12th, I’ve had some good training runs and a 5 mile race, which I will post about after this post.

June 17, 2010: This was a mind clearing run.  A week earlier (June 9) my Aunt was in a horse riding accident.  She was stable, on a vent and had several bruised ribs.  June 15th at 3:00 AM, something happened, the vent was taken out, her throat collapsed, suffered a massive coronary and died.  My run this morning was a mind clearing run, just trying to process the events.  I did end up running 2.15 miles to sort things out.

June 20, 2010: Father’s day.  Hubby was golfing, so I took the kids to the spray ground.  It was too hot to haul them in the trailer, so I pushed them in the sit-stand stroller, for a total of 2.85 miles round trip.

June 21, 2010: I did a bike to the park, a run around the park and then of course biked home.  The bike ride portion was 2.85 miles (RT) and the running part 1.93 miles.  Man, I wish I had done an extra loop somewhere to make it over 2 miles!  LOL!!

June 24, 2010: I ran to the park, did a loop and ran home.  Total miles 3.09

June 28, 2010: it was another afternoon run.  I did run 2.5 miles and then a cool down walk the rest of the way home.  it was HOT!!  Later that evening, the boy and I walked while the girl rode her bike to deliver thank you notes.  We also stopped at the park for a bit to play.  total miles for that was 1.82

June 30, 2010: My last longish training run for the 5 mile race.  I went out in the cooler part of the morning and I did okay.  I ran 4.5 miles in 50:46.

July 2, 2010: I ended up taking a half day off.  My FIL was involved in a motorcycle vs. SUV accident.  He was on the motorcycle.  I couldn’t focus on work, so I ended up taking the afternoon off.  I was hoping to get in a bike/run/bike, but seeing as I was sucked into the sucky Cubs game, I only had time for a short bike ride.  total mileage:  6.81 miles.

Next post Park 2 Park 5 miler.  😉

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