State Farm Live Well Be Well 5K

another 5K, another race recap…

It was Saturday the 12th, a very humid morning, but overcast.  I did manage to run the first mile (which is ALWAYS my goal) so the first mile time was 10:08.

Then the humidity kicked in.  I walked.  I walked more than I wanted to.  I completed the second mile in 12:24 & the third in 12:46.  Not bad splits, but that was with quite a bit of walking.  😦  Total time:  36:44.4.  This was totally opposite of a personal best.  this was my personal WORST!  I’m so disappointed as I came off a really good training run two nights before.  But I guess that’s what my downfall was.  The run was at night.  It was not humid. ~sigh~  :/

Of my age group (F 35-39) I was 13 out of 20.

Hubby ran this one with me as well.  He finished in 28:13.7, 11th in his age group out of 16.

The good thing with this course is that I can run it when time permits, but probably not a regular lunch time run.  That is all.  Good day.

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1 Response to State Farm Live Well Be Well 5K

  1. Kim says:

    Humidity is a killer! I think you did well all things considered. I have real problems running when it humid outside; it just sucks all the life right out of me. All races should be from Fall to Spring, methinks!

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