Catching y’all up

Not that there are very many readers…

Anyway,  Here we go:

5/27/2010: I did what I called an etch a sketch route.  Near the end of my route, there is a huge field, so I ran my name.  🙂  I love my Garmin 305!!  The route ended up being 2.3 miles. in 25:47

5/31/2010:  Memorial day.  The kids spent the night at Grandma’s and hubby golfed.  I got up and still woke up early.  So I went for a bike ride and a run.  Just through in some swimming, and there’s a triathlon!  Personally, I’d love to do a mini tri sometime.  Not sure how I’d train for the swimming part.  It would need work.  ANYWAY!

First leg of the bike ride was 8.33 miles on Constitution trail.  This was done in 43:33.  Second leg was a short run.  I really wanted to run 2 miles, but I didn’t have it in me.  My legs felt like bricks and it was hot.  I ended up running 1.67 miles in 19:16.  The ride home was longer than the ride out, as I didn’t go straight home.  I went to the other end of the trail before I headed home.  mileage: 9.38 miles in 52:16.  New tires are definitely on my wish list, but not an immediate need.

TOTAL mileage:  18.04 on the bike!  WOW!!  and ugh…  I also managed to get a slight sunburn in the small of my back too.  I call it my tramp stamp sunburn.  LOL!!

6/2/2010: just a short 2 miler.  2.10 to be exact.  With hills.  I did this one in 23:05.  I did have to make a stop at the psycho water fountain, but I still managed to drink from it.  This is the fountain where if you aren’t careful, you get a nose full of water.

6/4/2010: this was another dual sport day.  Bike ride to the park, a short run and a bike ride home.  Not to the extent of Memorial day.  I did this one over my lunch hour.

1.36 mile bike ride (6:27)  followed by a 1.67 mile run (17:15) and a short 0.85 ride home (so I could shower (5:28)

6/7/2010: was another run only.  a modified route so I couldn’t cut corners.  2.45 miles in 26:47.  I like this route becasue of the two water fountain stops.  🙂

Also this day, I mowed the lawn with the Garmin.  I had it set as auto-stop, but I changed that about half way through, as it wasn’t completely true.  It showed 0.73 miles, but it was probably slightly more than that.

6/9/2010: Hubby wanted to go for a walk.  K was in the umbrella stroller and C was walking.  I started out pushing her and he kept up fairly well.  Just past a half mile in, he had had enough, so C rode on my back as I was pushing the stroller.

Not quite a mile into it, hubby took the stroller and C walked.  We ran to catch up, then C hopped on my back again.  We cut through the parking lot to Clearwater and hubby and K caught up.  C walked again for a little bit.

After the park, C hopped up again for another little bit and then walked the last couple blocks or so home.  Next time, we talk the sit and stand!  total:  2.11 miles 36:28.

6/10/2010: I had intended to run in the morning, while the boy was at his golf academy lessons camp thing, but one of the other mom’s there I knew, so we were just talking.  It could have been a great run too.  Oh well.  Since I started work late, I couldn’t go at lunch time, so I went in the evening, after the kids were in bed.  Start time:  8:37 pm.

I finally felt back to par.  Where I was when I took my break.  My feet felt great, I didn’t stop to walk, only a pause or two while I waited for cars to pass, so I could safely cross the street.  I stuck with a road route, not really know where I was going to run, just with the idea that I wanted to run 2.5 miles.  I did walk the last 1/4 mile home for my cool down.  I felt really good with this run.  I feel ready for the 5K Saturday morning.

Hubby will be running the 5K with me on Saturday.  His first!  Will report back with the results.  The kids will also do the 1/4 mile fun run.  Soon I’ll do a review of my Garmin forerunner 305.  I’m really loving it so far.  I just need to learn to use it better for more functionality.

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