very much… UGH!!

okay.  I’ve gotten back in the running groove…

Tuesday 5/18/2010: First run since the 5K 4/24.  Boy did it ever feel like it!  I wore the wrong socks, the wrong… uhhhh… support (not that there’s much there to support) I should have worn short sleeves and shorts and I couldn’t get my Nike+ to start right away.  I’m definitely splurging for a Garmin 305.

The route is a modified route so I could run past two water fountains.  The first on the Trail and the second at Suburban East Park.  Boy did I ever need those two water breaks and it was “only” a 2.5 mile route…

At least the sun was not beating down on me.

so I did splurge for a Garmin forerunner 305 (which I’ll review here too).  It arrived Thursday afternoon and I wanted to try it Friday, but it was raining.  I decided to go for a run Saturday morning.  I was awake at 6:00 and got my arse out of bed for a run…

Saturday 5/22/2010: I decided to try a longer run today (what the hell was I thinking??)  just a 4.5 mile out and back route that I’ve done several times, although this time I modified it a bit to add a a bit longer to make it closer to 5 miles.  The run out was okay.  I did come to a complete stop a few times so I could adjust the Garmin.  I have it so it auto pauses when I stop and to beep at every mile (I failed at this task, so I’ll set that one up again correctly).  I did stop once to try to take a picture of a family of ducks in sugar creek, but they were on the far side, so I didn’t get a picture.  I made it to the turn around with minimal walking, then came the back part….

I planned on a stop at the water fountain so that wasn’t a big deal.  The way back ended up being way more walking than running/jogging.  When I’d start back jogging again, my legs felt like they were made of bricks, or lead, or perhaps both.  It.  SUCKED.  Big time.  I ended up using the lap feature at the turn around.

Out:  27:28 back:  32:07 (Total:  59:35)  I guess this is as horrible as it sounds.  It just FELT like it was horrible.

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