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So I didn’t do much research when I bought my bike a few years ago.  Bad ME!  I ended up buying a mountain bike.  you know, with the knobby wheels.  Ummm…  I ride on paved trails and the street!  WTF was I thinking?

So my question is this…  Would I be able to trade out the knobby tires for more street/paved trail riding or is it more involved than that?

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  1. Yes – you certainly can!

  2. Keath says:

    Hehe. I actually bought a hybrid bike because I have a nasty habit of saying I’ll stay on paved roads and then blowing out tires by hopping curbs and riding through the woods. So far so good, but I’m certainly going to need to follow you and swap out tires if I ever get “serious” about bike races or tris.

    To answer your question, it’s just “that easy,” provided you get a compatible wheel; i.e. same diameter and matching brake system. You’ll probably need to adjust the brakes to fit the narrower wheel, but unless you’re swapping back and forth, that’s a one time effort.

    • Sweet!! I usually stick to the paved trails and roads as I usually tow the kids. It’s kinda hard to go off road with them!

      I may have to pay a visit to Vitesse…

  3. Deb says:

    You can switch them out no problem. You need to match the size of the rim to the size of the tire, but any bike shop can help no problem. You won’t be going to the skinny road bike tires without changing out the wheels but I am guessing you’ll want the added comfort of the wider tires anyway. You might consider spening a bit more for flat resistant tires like the schwalbe marathon too!

    • I looked on my tires this morning while loading it into the van (ride back from an oil change appt). 26×1.95. I really hope this is a somewhat common size… 🙂

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