Uhhhh… Wow. It’s been a while

Since I’ve updated myself!  Let’s see, I’ve taken some time off running so my poor little toes can heal as well as the blister thingy on my foot.  That is healing quite nicely now.  I have been riding my bike (with & without the kids in tow) and one run in between the two 5K’s.

So here we go (taken from dailymile)

4/19/2010: Run.  I set out to run a short 2.5 mile route, but decided to run 2.62 miles for the Boston Marathon.  I ended up running closer to a 5K!  2.99 miles.

4/28/2010:  Bike ride to the park with the kids in tow.  2.65 mile RT

5/3/2010: This was a GREAT day!

  • I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so I took a half day.  After the appointment, I went on a nearly 10K bike ride:  5.25 miles.
  • The boy had an eye appointment, so I had to pick up the girl from Montessori.  Of course it was BEAUTIFUL out, so I went on the bike.  🙂  2.9 miles.
  • That evening, before the menfolk got home, the girl and I went out.  She rode her bike, I walked, we went to the park.  0.94 miles.

5/7/2010: I had some errands to run that were in the same vicinity.  So I parked in the middle.  I walked to the bank and then to the store and back to my car.  It was nearly half a mile.  Farther than I thought it was going to be.  0.49 miles.

5/09/2010:  Mother’s Day.  The kids rode their bikes to the park and I walked.  Nothing spectacular.  We took the short route.  0.70 mile.

5/11/2010: It’s been windy and cool and rainy.  I decided to peruse my membership at Cardinal Fitness and get on the Elliptical.  It was pretty good.  Did the first mile forward, the second mile backward and the rest forward.  the last 4 or 5 minutes, I squatted low so my upper body wasn’t moving to work my thighs and butt a bit more.  It did slow my pace down, but it was good.

Now that my feet are almost healed (heeled? LOL!!), I’ve decided that my next 5K will be June 12th.  Sorry Andrea, not the Susan G Komen one so I can meet you, but one that is more local.  That’s My son’s birthday weekend so the In-laws will be here.  the race starts at 7:30, so we’ll have plenty of time to celebrate!

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