So the agreement between me and the Babysitter of Awesome to drop my daughter off an hour earlier so that I can take advantage of my workplace’s free workout facilities (equipped like any gym you’d go sign up for, minus the instructors for classes) has come to fruition.

I worked out this morning.  I feel awesome, and so does my bad foot.  I did elliptical training and then worked my upper body on the weight machines.  The only problem I can see coming up is the conundrum of 2 showers in the locker room and 3-5 girls at a time vying for them.  There, I’m a little stumped.

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3 Responses to Newsflash

  1. I’ve been thinking about this for a while. I need to get my arse out of bed when hubby leaves for work (5:30) and get to doing a video or something!

    so we can be early morning workout buddies of sorts. 🙂 I hope I can keep up my end of it.

  2. The ONLY thing that got me up early this morning is knowing that Babysitter of Awesome got up earlier than she normally would to allow me to do this. If I’m dragging her out of bed, I’d BETTER not flake out w/ the snooze button.

  3. ohhhhh…. Good point. I’ll get out of bed for your BoA too. 🙂

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