Born Learning Trail 5K

It wasn’t a traditional trail race.  It was on Constitution Trail here in town.  It was a wonderful day for a race.  Overcast, cool, but not chilly, and the sun was making the occasional appearance, although at times it was windy.

We weren’t sure if Mom and the kids were going to be coming, the forecast was for rain.  The rain held off.  Yay!!  The course was great, mostly flat with a few hills.  My time was 34:01.  Not my best.  Not my worst.  Slightly better than the CCHS 5K two weeks before.

Before the race, I met two people from dailymile who live in my neighborhood!  That was nice.  We’re hoping to get together for walks this summer.  The race started at Tipton Park, so Mom came with me to watch the kids while I ran.  I do remember my first mile shout-out time was 10 something.  The water station was a short time after the first mile maker.  During the race, one of the other girls and I kept jockeying.  Near the end, we finished it almost together, but she had a longer stride and I couldn’t keep up!  We encouraged each other toward the end.  We had fun.

After the race, I got my water and an apple.  The kids ate a cookie.  We all drank a Smoothie King sample, YUMMO!  I didn’t win any running medals, but I did when a Live United ball cap.  The first one went to someone else, but on his way back, Little Man went to give him a high five and he gave Little Man the cap!!  So we now have 2 ball caps.  The kids did the learning trail and earned new books.  Afterward, we had lunch at Godfather’s Pizza.

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2 Responses to Born Learning Trail 5K

  1. Kim says:

    Good for you! I enjoy reading about your 5Ks even more now that I am signed up for one! And I am not a fan of wind as I did two miles in it today, but I figure it could be windy on 5K day. Thank you for constantly inspiring me to keep going!

  2. Hey kim! You’ll do fine and soon you’ll be addicted to 5K’s too. 🙂

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