The Hills

These are two hills that I encounter on some runs.  On my way home.  After I’ve been running, or biking with the kids.  They are killers!

hill #1

This one turns to the left at the top.  I stopped at the bottom on my way up to take a quick picture before my trek up.  this particular day, I was running into the wind.  oh ugh.  It’s also fun hauling two kids up this hill too.

The Poltergeist Hallway Hill

This is the one that I call the Poltergeist Hallway hill.  This hill is gradual.  It never. ever. ends.  It’s almost home, so this one is really hard.

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1 Response to The Hills

  1. Kim says:

    I totally get why you call it poltergeist Hill now…thanks for clearing that up. That is what scares me about running outside….hills. I did do one outside stint back in January during a warmish day and it was nice…but I did walk a good bit…I would set goals: “I will run to X point and then walk.” but that was way before I hit even a one mile run on the treadmill. I’ll have to give outside another go…but no Poltergeist Hill, thank you.

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