Weeks in Review: 2/20-3/5

Not so much going on just a few runs.

2/25/2010: I hadn’t intended to run this week.  with appointments and lunch and stuff, but I did have pink eye, so I couldn’t go to the eye doctor for my regular yearly exam.  So I ran.  It was a treadmill run.  So far, it has been my best treadmill run to date, as far as slowing down to drink water and such.  I only slowed down once after 1.5 miles and walked for only 0.05 miles (instead of the normal 0.10).

All in all, I ran 2.60 miles in 30 minutes with another 0.31 cool down walk.

2/28/2010: was a beautiful day.  I was able to run outside.  I went to the park to recalibrate my Nike+, it was a 0.35 mile calibration run.  Afterward, I ran a lap around the park (it’s a half mile loop) and it was the correct distance, so I kept running.  By the time I got home, Nike+told me I ran 3.99 miles, so I went on to my neighbors driveway to make it an even 4.

When I mapped it on Dailymile, it was only 3.88 miles.  hmmmmm….

3/2/2010: Since I ran Sunday, I didn’t run Monday.  I also had an eye appointment so I couldn’t run Tuesday either.  I did need to go to a neighbor’s to pick up some Avon cleanser.  total there and back was 0.38 miles.

3/4/2010: Last run before Saturday’s 5K.  My first 5K of 2010.  Nike+ showed that I ran 3.29 miles, so I’m not sure what I’m doing different when I calibrate it.  It wasn’t my best time, but what can I do.  I dodged snow piles and a mud pit.  fun, fun fun!!

Wish me luck for my 5K Saturday morning.

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